How much does the home delivery service cost?

The cost of our home delivery service is based on the products you order plus a nominal delivery charge per delivery. Current pricing for our products is shown on our home service price list.

When does the milkman deliver?

Hillside dairy customers receive deliveries once per week, on a day depending on location.

What is a “standing order”?

A standing order is the amount and variety of products you would like to have delivered to you each week. This standing order is posted in our records and you may change it at any time by simply leaving your milk man a note or contacting us.

Of course, we invite you to add products to your order at any time. A call to her office or a note left in your porch box will work your driver that he needs to leave something more (or less) with your regular delivery. However to ensure the quality and freshness of the products you receive, your driver carries only limited quantities of extra product on the truck. We recommend that you call us up to 11 PM the night before your scheduled delivery so you’re milkmen can make sure he has what you want with him.

What happens when I go on vacation?

If you do not wish to receive your weekly delivery — whether you’re going to be out of town for a week or going away for the weekend or the season — just let us know. The easiest way is to call us at least one day in advance, or leave a note in your porch box for your milkmen at least one week in advance. As long as you’re milkmen knows not to stop at your house, the delivery charge will be waived.

How do I pay?

Generally, your first order is left on credit along with a card showing your current balance. When you’re milkmen makes your next delivery, you pay for the prior delivery. Please leave your balance card for your milkmen so he can post your charges and payments.

We accept cash, personal checks, and money orders for payment. We do not currently accept credit or debit cards, direct withdrawals, or WIC.

Monthly charges can be arranged (at the discretion of the dairy) after we have had a satisfactory payment history with the customer. In this case you will receive an invoice the beginning of each month. It will arrive in your porch box, usually with the first delivery of the month.

The menu you receive periodically shows the prices for each of our products for that month. In addition to the cost of the products you received, there is a nominal delivery charge for each delivery.


About Your Porch Box

A porch box is an insulated cooler that has been adapted for use by the dairy. It is designed to protect the quality of our products from the effects of sunlight and temperature change. Many people do not know that light causes deterioration in the vitamin content of milk and may affect the flavor. Your order will be left in the porch box and in summer may have reusable ice packs left with it. If ice packs are used, please leave them in the porch box. Your milkman will pick them off on the next delivery and replace them with frozen ones. The porch box enables you to receive your regular delivery without the need for you to be there to receive it. Generally, milk can be left in the porch box with ice packs for several hours. This protects the products while you are at work or doing errands.

Because we care about the quality of the products you receive, your milkman cannot leave your delivery if the box is not available for him to use. Please remember that you will be assessed a delivery fee if your milkman attempts to deliver your order and the box is not available.

Glass bottle products are, of course, susceptible to breakage when frozen, therefore, we have established a policy of having your milkman reviewer doorbell in the case of extremely cold weather when even the insulated box cannot prevent freezing. Please be assured that this will be done only when absolutely necessary to protect your order.

Ice cream and other frozen items are highly susceptible to temperature changes. If you order these items you should plan on being home to receive the very your milkman will leave these items for you in your porch box if you order them with the understanding that it is your responsibility to place them in your freezer in a timely fashion.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us. We will be happy to answer additional questions about our service and products.