Home Food Delivery
Serving most of Erie County

Now more than ever safety and security at home is important.

We have partnered with local farmers and small businesses like ours that have a strong commitment to providing you with the freshest, safest and wholesome food products that you need. The farmers from Upstate Farms and partnerships with other distributors are helping us to achieve this objective.

Please Bear With Us …

Brad, the owner of Hillside Dairy, came out of retirement to answer the call to help our neighbors. Without much business structure in place, we quickly and unexpectedly exceeded the number of families we can service properly. Therefore, we have limited new customers to take care of the eleven hundred households who signed up within the first four days or reopening our doors.

We are establishing a system to properly meet everyone’s needs and will make it open to more and more people on our waiting list as we partner with other companies and overcome our challenges.


Requests to be added to our waiting list can be found on our “Home Delivery” page

Hillside Dairy Delivery