Reminder of Delivery & Ordering Cut-Off Times

Northtowns – 11:59 PM THURSDAY to be delivered Monday & Tuesday
Mid-Erie – 11:59 PM MONDAY to be delivered Wednesday & Thursday
Southtowns – 11:59 PM WEDNESDAY to be delivered Friday & Saturday



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If you did not register for an account with this NEW system (after May 7th), YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT AND NEED TO REGISTER TO SET ONE UP. It doesn’t matter if you have ordered before May. You cannot log in because you have no account to log in to. You cannot reset your password because you don’t have one yet.

Register as a new account, and then click “Our Products” to start ordering. If you stay logged in, you can just use the site from the front end and you will be able to “add to cart”, etc..

About Your Cooler

Because we care about the quality of the products you receive, your milkman cannot leave your delivery if a cooler or suitable box is not available for him to use. Please remember that you will be assessed a delivery fee if your milkman attempts to deliver your order and the box is not available. The location of your box can be specified in your order, i.e. “back portch”, etc..

Suitable Container

In cold weather, an uninsulated box may be used, but should be not be transparent or in direct sunlight, as sunlight may causes deterioration in the vitamin content of milk and may affect the flavor.

Keeping Your Cool

We are unable to guarantee when during the day your order will be delivered. If it is warm outside, you may wish to put frozen ice packs in the box. If delivery is delayed the next day, consider replacing them with new ones. Generally, milk can be left in the porch box with ice packs for several hours.

Glass bottle products are, of course, susceptible to breakage when frozen. Our policy is that your milkman will ring the doorbell in the case of extremely cold weather when even the insulated box cannot prevent freezing. Please be assured that this will be done only when absolutely necessary to protect your order.

Ice cream and other frozen items are highly susceptible to temperature changes. If you order these items you should plan on someone being home to receive the order. Your milkman will leave these items for you in your cooler/box with the understanding that it is your responsibility to place them in your freezer in a timely fashion.

By using this site, you agree to these terms of service.

Please read it carefully if you are a new customer to avoid unnecessary service calls, as we are trying to give proper attention to more households than ever before.

Paying for Your Order

If you did not opt to pay online, leave your check in the cooler / box, payable to “Hillside Dairy“. If payment is due, the order will not be left without receiving a check. The amount should be the total on your order’s confirmation email less any credits from a previous order.

Refunds & Out of Stock

Orders can be canceled and refunded any time before the order cutoff time for your area. If paying by Credit Card, out of stock items or ones you are dissatisfied with will be refunded to you within 1 week. If paying by check, you will get a credit toward your next order, or a check if you close your account.

Standing / Recurring Orders

A standing order is the amount and variety of products you would like to have delivered to you each week or bi-weekly. This was the norm before our “retirement” a few years ago. We do not currently have the ability to process standing orders on our website, but are working to set up a system to accommodate this. In the meantime, please order each week using the online form. To avoid double delivery, please place the next order after the current week’s cutoff day.